Clock Hours

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Bored with traditional clock hour training?

Transform your teaching by creating powerful learning environments by:

  • Choosing and setting up sensory areas
  • Maintaining and storing sensory materials
  • Sensory bins which help increase brain development
  • The magic of using all the senses in learning
  • Increased professionalism in your classroom
  • Meeting the needs of children with disabilities
  • Sensory filling the nature void

5 clock hours

We invite you to experience Nature-filled
Sensory Environments that create a smarter child.


Save Your Weekends


Take training when it’s right for you.

Read through powerful training that you can reference back to at any time. Purchase the 200+ page paperback book filled with new, creative help, and over 100 inspiring photos. This is an essential book for any educator’s library for $24.99
Download the same book in full color immediately right to your computer giving you full access any time for $16.99

Then for only a $4.00 grading fee per clock hour. Take the easy exam then have your certificate printed all from the convenience of your personal computer.


Get the Book

Transforming your teaching by creating powerful learning environments. Increase professionalism in your classroom &  help increase brain development through sensory bins. Download the book and become a Sensory expert!

Sensory Bins

Stimulate the senses to increase brain development. Increases physical development, emotional, social, and cognitive skills, as well as math, science and literacy skills. Bring nature into childcare environments. Aiding children with learning and sensory issues.