Ocean, Lakes, Rivers, & Aquatic Life

Build Me an Underwater Castle

Skill builders mathematical thinking  shapes and color recognition constructing larger shapes. Ingredients  3-D underwater placemat light table Clear Lego blocks Children love working on light tables they are magical. books & Clock Hours There’s so much you can do with Sensory, download my books to become a Sensory expert! Plus, earn Continued Education Hours! LEARN…

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A Barrel of Fun

Teaches color matching skills dexterity and fine motor skills sink and float  cause-and-effect (the Dolphins will whistle when you tap them onto the surface of the water.) You can start off with just color matching then add a water wheel and fun toys and back drop to spur the imagination. Ingredients dolphin and inner-tube bathtub…

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Show Me a Real Frog

Frog Sensory Bin

Teaches The photo shows the organs inside of a real frog what the frog eats their habitat where they live Ingredients dyed blue rice assorted plastic frogs Lily pad and greenery and Driftwood laminated picture of the anatomy of a frog Note: I like to sit with the group of children and walk them through…

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On Golden Pond

Teaches fine motor skills on manipulating the mixer sink and float fine motor skills pumping the soap dispenser Vocabulary words sink, float , mix, squirt, pond Ingredients plastic frogs/ frog soap dispenser Styrofoam glass beads plastic dish from a TV dinner hand mixer piece of wood from a block center plastic rake / watering can…

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Lounging at the Lake

Skill builders counting from 1 to 6 matching incremental dots to each number number recognization creative play fine motor skills using tongs, baster’s Vocabulary words green, numbers one through six, pond, frog Ingredients  rubber shamrocks black sharpie marker to mark dots and numbers rubber frogs frog soap dispenser tongs, baster, cup fish tank gravel /…

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Dolphin Fun

Skill being built learning about an article, dolphins, oceans manipulating shaving cream by scooping, smoothing, raking, pouring talking about different textures and the change that happens to the shaving cream as you play with it. Ingredients white shaving cream a lid from a Coke cup from Sea world with dolphins on it. a plastic rake,…

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