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Skill Builders

literacy builder by learning the poem "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider". Learning that the words are symbols that we read.

Talk about fun facts on spiders and how they help our environment. If you have a book on real spiders, it enhances this bin.

You can discuss how spiders are a fun thing that we see around Halloween.

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Vocabulary words

Spider, Leaves, Web, Environment 


Styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and a can of black spray paint. These are the ingredients that were used to make the spiders. I hold them together with gorilla glue so that I could put them in the water if I wanted.

In the first spin the spiders are in leaves that I collected from under some trees. Make sure the leaves are free from insects.

In one of the bins I put them in blue rice which was  really pretty. And in another bin, I put them in water that was over top of shells.

Found a pome about the Itsy-Bitsy Spider that I put with the center allowed us to be able to do the rhyme.

In a little Tupperware container I put some shells and then I put some plastic spiders on top to make a fun Halloween presentation.


The spiders last for about two years and then I had to take the googly eyes off and spray paint them with black again.  I was able to use them one more time.

When spray painting, place the spiders in a cardboard box so the over spray from the can of paint stays confined to the box. Always keep the can up right as much as posable to prevent the nozzle from clogging.

I found myself  re-gluing the legs every few years also.

I got about six years out of them before I had to remake them, well worth it. 

It’s also a fun project to have the children help you make. 

Talk to the children about not breaking the Styrofoam or putting them in their mouth and biting them. They don’t taste very good so they don’t usually like to put them in the mouth. Not that I would know from tasting:)

I noticed that the children were not afraid of the  hand made spiders and the plastic spiders they were more nervous  around. 

It is good to introduce the more real looking spiders so they’re not as afraid of bugs and understand the environment.

Expanded learning

I like to add a number lines to this unit and the children count out the spiders they can use black tongs to pick up the spiders and put on The number line.

The spiders float also which makes a neat bin.


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