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Skill builder

Teach about items that sink and float.

Talk about shiny and flat colors in the stone. Black rock versus silver rock. Talk about metallic colors.

Have the children count the ghosts, one through six.

Have the children identify what feelings the ghost are experiencing. Ask the children when do they feel happy, sad, mad, scared and let them connect their personal experiences to what the ghost might be feeling.

Talk about how ghosts are pretend versus other things that are real and see if the children can give you examples of both.


Ghost, Pretend, Real, Black, Silver, White, Snk, Float, Happy, Scared, Frustrated, Surprised.


Small black river rock

Regular rock spray painted with silver paint.

Styrofoam cut out ghost.

Black sharpie marker

Water in the bin



The spray painted silver rocks last for about three years before you need to touch up. They will start to look gray instead of silver

Use an X-Acto blade to cut out the ghost from a pattern that is pre-drawn on the Styrofoam.

Use a sharpie marker to draw the ghosts expressions on their face. I find that I have to touch up the face about every two years.



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