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Halloween is a great time to talk about chemical changes that happen with dry ice. The gases that are escaping when you put the ice into the water is Carbon Dioxide. Dry ice is in a frozen solid form which freezes at 109.3, when added to warm water it causes it to melt, releasing the solid into a gas. If it’s underwater, the water  will start to bubble making it look like the water is boiling. The ice releases the gas which turns into a fog that is heavier than air and also hugs the floor. The dry ice will also start to melt at room temperature. Great time to discuss how things go from solids to liquids or solids to gas.



Dry ice , freezing, Hot water, Tongs , gas, fog

Carbon Dioxide


Dry ice (can usually be bought at grocery stores).

Hot water

Tongs to pick up and move the dry ice

Container to place it in.


Explaining safety to the children, no one can touch the ice with the skin of their hand. If you’re going to handle the ice, it must be moved with tongs and only the teacher should do this.

The children get so excited when they see this example of solid turning to gas.


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