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Skill Builder

Able to feel, touch, and talk about nature that’s around us.

To look at things through a magnifying glass and learn about magnification.

Children can learn that pinecones and other types of nuts are a type of seed.

What causes a fossil and what is it. 

Vocabulary words

Fossils, Pinecones, Sea Pods, Magnifying Glass

Seeds, Driftwood, Bird’s Nest


Fossils, driftwood, rocks, seeds, pinecones 

Magnifying glass

In one of our other presentations we have driftwood pumpkins, a fossilized shell, and different types of textured bark from a tree.

Bird’s nest with ceramic birds and a book on nests was used as a center piece.

We have just a grouping of pinecones also.


If you have children, collect a grouping of acorns, you can use them for about three or four weeks but you won’t be able to save them long-term because little worms crawl out of the acorns.



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