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Skill Builders

In this bin the  children build fine motor skills by taking spoons, tongs, or scoops to pick up the pumpkins and put them in the plastic pumpkin bake tray. It’s fun to count from 1 to 6 while doing this.

This is a fun bin to sort things out in by item or color.

Vocabulary words

Orange, Polymer Beads, Cookie Cutters, Pumpkins, Orange Pill Container, Pumpkin Tray 


The sensory materials are polymer beads with a very small  bit of orange rice mixed in.

Pumpkins are from the craft store. A lot of times you can find a bag of 12.

Little pumpkin cookie cutters.

I used an empty pill bottle and the yellow cap from a fabric softener bottle.

I found little plastic Halloween finger puppets that I also added to the center  which made it fun

In the other photo of the bin is a mixture of Halloween and orangey things.



As you can see  in the photo, the paint will wear off the  styrofoam balls. I  already  had the styrofoam balls and it didn’t cost me anything so it was a great way to utilize them by spraying them orange.



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