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Skill Builder

This bin teaches the color orange. 

By having the word orange the children start to learn to associate it with the color and it helps with reading.

I took bulletin board borders with pumpkins printed on them and cut them out. Place numbers on them so children can learn to count from 1 to 30. 

Fine motor skills are involved with scooping, pouring, and using tongs to manipulate the materials.

Vocabulary words

Orange, Pumpkin, Poor, Stack, Columns


The rice is a combination of yellow and orange rice that’s been dyed with Kool-Aid so it has a great orange and lemon smell. I use orange essential oil to update it after a week.

We used bulletin board borders and cut out the pumpkins and labeled them with numbers counting from 1 to 30.

We used two fruit and applesauce packets and kept the lids from them.

I took orange plastic eggs, those are great for scooping.

We added some plastic cups and plastic spoons for pouring and manipulating.

I took a sheet that is used for scrapbooking and cut out the pumpkin patch and everything and an orange flower and some leaves.


By adding two shades of brown lids,  we use that contrast in being able to tell what is orange and what is not orange when we are working with the children on the color.

With 18mo to 4yrs, you may introduce counting from 1-6 for the little ones, and from 1-12 for a little bigger age groups. 

For more advanced children, we have a template from 1 to 30. Have the children place in rows of 10. The rows of 10 enable you to develop the number concepts better. By changing up the number in the rows you are introducing multiplication concepts.

Never expect the child to know the answer, this process is just to introduce concepts. 



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