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Skill Builder

Educating children about bone structure.

This bin teaches short, medium, and long by measuring the different lengths of bones.

This is a fun unit to do at Halloween to discuss skeletons.

Learning about real skeletons and pretend skeletons. 

That the bone structure does not move unless it’s inside of a body that is living.

This is kept very light and non-scary. Just an introduction.

Vocabulary words

Short, Medium, and Long

Dinosaur, Bones, Archaeologist,

The Skeletal Structure



Plastic dinosaur bones- all different sizes

Shovel, sand tower, spoons and cups

I took a poster and cut out the dinosaur dig and laminated it for the bin


This center is used when we’re teaching about dinosaurs but it’s a great way to help with Halloween and all of the different things that they’ll be seeing. Also good with understanding  the different parts of our body’s muscles and  bones . The children had learned the month before all about your body, so this is a great recap.


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